Logo Umbrellas for That Top-Tier Hotel Feel

Logo umbrellas are the perfect and practical choice for hotel promo items. In fact, when you buy our umbrellas as custom business promotional items, you may find that you can bypass them as promotional giveaways and sell them in your gift shop instead!

However you offer them, they will create a lovely feeling of old-fashioned service and elegance too often missing from today’s hotels. And your guests don’t have to tip an umbrella, so they won’t shy away from accepting one if you use them as free promotional items. Many hotels use logo umbrellas as a gift so they go home with each guest and advertise your hotel throughout their city when it rains. Or you could offer them on loan – though we give you fair warning that if they can fit into a suitcase they may depart with guests, anyway.

Your guests will use your logo umbrellas over and over because of their top quality materials and the striking, stylish appearance we will help you create. Express yourself with logo umbrellas as your hotel’s business promotional items. We guarantee that you’ll be glad you did – and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed directly from our CEO.

Find out everything you want to know about our custom umbrellas, fill out our custom quote form or call our customer service department at 1-888-678-8801 so we can answer all your questions.

Why Logo Umbrellas Are an Inspired Choice for your Hotel

Bright custom umbrellas lighten any cloudy day, and are great promo items for you. With personal branded umbrellas, your guests will especially appreciate you in three ways:

  • First, when they receive a high quality umbrella from your high quality hotel.
  • Second, they will thank you over and over again when they pull out your promotional umbrella each time the sky clouds up.
  • Third, they will love the memories as they look up and are reminded of their lovely experience at your hotel, and be likely to return as well as recommend you.

To maximize both visibility and use of your logo umbrellas as business promotional items, consider three sizes: extra large for your doorman, golf and families, stick umbrellas for an elegant look or compact folding umbrellas if you want to be sure they are easy to take home.

Find out why our umbrellas are the world’s best, fill out our custom quote form or phone our friendly customer service department at 1-888-678-8801.

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