Custom Promotional Items Give Guests Something to Resort to
When It Rains!

Your logo on custom promotional items ensures that your guests get back to the right place, tell their friends about you and continue to remember you for years to come. Branded umbrellas are the perfect choice when it comes to distinguishing your resort as a cut above the rest. A full-color branded umbrella is a new and innovative way to broadcast your most amazing scene or image to thousands of people for the very small cost of an umbrella – compare that to the price of a few ads!

A promotional umbrella may not be your first thought, since of course it’s usually sunny – after all, you’re a resort! But unless you’re in the middle of the Sahara, promotional umbrellas can save you on those occasional rainy days. Besides your guests not being at their happiest, a rainy day probably reveals the fact that very few of them brought an umbrella, unless they live in Seattle!

Send your promotional umbrella to the rescue along with attractive destinations to enjoy in the rain. Bright custom umbrellas further lighten any cloudy day, and are great custom promotional items for you.

With personal branded umbrellas, your guests will thank you in three ways:

  • First, for saving the day with a high quality umbrella!
  • Second, they will thank you again and again every time they pull out your umbrella when it rains.
  • Third, they will love the memories as they look up and are reminded of their fabulous experience at your resort, and become even more likely to join your list of return guests.

Another lovely resort touch for your promotional gifts – offer umbrellas on sunny days for those with delicate complexions. Many people don’t like sunblock on their faces – or in their hair. Our Sun Block umbrellas block most of the damaging UV rays and will keep your guests up to 15 degrees cooler while underneath their small or large canopies. Those Victorian women were on to something! And bonnets have never come back in style.

Most resorts prefer big umbrellas, but you may want to offer standard executive umbrellas for those who prefer them, and let guests take their new umbrellas home when they leave. Imagine how many conversations those custom promotional items will spark with potential visitors back home. An imprinted umbrella is simply an inspired promotional gift for your resort marketing, and much more exciting than something like starfish magnets or other “standard” resort items.

What Branded Umbrellas Are the Best Custom Promotional Item for Your Resort?

At we know from the interest in our custom promotional items, and the great success we’ve had selling umbrellas all over the world, that rain umbrellas are a fresh, exciting and effective choice for corporate promotional items.

Our wide choices in companies, designs, colors and styles for branded umbrellas ensure that you will find the perfect match to your own special ambiance and brand. Be the resort heard ‘round the world with our unsurpassed choice of umbrellas from manufacturers such as Haas-Jordan, Windbrella, GustBuster and Leighton by Futai.

Find out why our umbrellas are the world’s best, fill out our custom quote form or phone our friendly customer service department at 1-888-678-8801.

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