Personalized Items, Especially Umbrellas, Take Your Restaurant’s Buzz to a Whole New Level

Personalized items, especially our umbrellas, will distinguish your restaurant beyond your memorable cuisine.

How might umbrellas as promotional advertising products further enhance your restaurant’s reputation?

Years of advertising your restaurant every time it rains.
Your customer will thank you every time they open their personalized umbrella.

Unless you provide valet parking and a canopy, or a live doorman with an umbrella so those lovely hairdos and clothes don’t lose their allure between dinner and whatever follows, your patrons will adore your offer of a promotional umbrella on a rainy evening.

And, even if you can get them safely into the car or cab, they are likely to contend with the weather at their next stop. If so, they will love and remember you even more for that priceless umbrella.  At the same time you will distribute one of the most effective promotional advertising products you can buy.

You will see a lovely return in repeat patrons, and our umbrellas are so striking and work so well they will be the promo items that are used over and over. Your logo (and tagline if you wish) on this custom promotional item will travel throughout your city, and perhaps the world, on any umbrella occasion.

By choosing umbrellas as the personalized items for your promotional advertising products, you will invest in one of the greatest marketing tools since the coffee mug!

About Personalized Umbrellas as Top Promotional Items

At Promotional Umbrellas And Beyond we know from the interest in our promo items, and the great success we’ve had selling executive umbrellas all over the world, that rain umbrellas are a fresh, exciting and effective choice for promotional advertising products.  Personalized items are a stroke of genius to keep your restaurant on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  And, even if you’re not the first in town to offer umbrellas as promotional gifts, our distinctive design, color, style and brand choices for personalized umbrellas will still make yours an instant and lasting success.

Remember, you’ll find every color, pattern and style under the sun – oops, make that clouds. Imagine the possibilities!

Find out why our umbrellas are the world’s best, fill out our custom quote form or phone our friendly customer service department at 1-888-678-8801.

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